Meet the artist

Ryan Spahr is an accomplished artist working in a variety of media, including marker, pen and ink, oil, pastel, photography, and tattoo. Their work exhibits bold, expressive mark-making, exploration, and experimentation. Ryan lives in Rupert, Vermont where they spends their free time with their family and collecting records.

I am committed to the arts of chaotic-fusion and dynamism. I work in many media and transgress the boundaries of traditional disciplines: illustration and design, portrait and landscape. Favoring an aesthetics of chance, I use collage and montage to find meaning in the juxtaposition of contradictory elements. I love the immediacy of ink, for the bold, expressive, and even personal mark-making it allows. In my work color creates dynamic motion. I want even still images to seem to move. I seek out people, places, and things, the more diverse the better, looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magical in the mundane. I ultimately want my work to represent and embody the synthesis of dualities: the co-existence, whether in one work or in my work as a whole, of masculine and feminine, hard and soft, light and dark, the past and the future.”

Ryan Spahr 2022